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Q. How can I migrate my pages to Sanmita?

A. Please migrate your site (in less than 1 minute) using this link: http://cupeople.sanmita.com/cupeople-migration/

After migration, your site will be available at: http://cupeople.sanmita.com/pages/netid/

Q. I completed the migration, but some of the pages show strange characters or do not show images. What should I do?

A. Sometime pages created with software like Microsoft Word have trouble getting migrated with our tool. If that is the case, please upload original files/images using our online file manager tool.

Q. How do I update my pages hosted on Sanmita server?

A. You can add/edit/delete pages using web based file manager:


Q. How can I recall my file manager login and password?

Visit this page to recall your login and password:


Q. Will I be able to have my own domain name?

A. By default your CUPeople pages will have following address: http://cupeople.sanmita.com/pages/netid/

But if you like a custom address e.g. www.mydomain.info or similar, it would cost:

  • $19/yr for domain registration
  • $9/yr for mapping an existing domain name

Q. What is included in this service?

A. This service includes following features:

  • -Windows Server 2008
  • -2GB Disk Space
  • -50GB Bandwidth per month
  • -Free Webbased File Manager
  • -CUWebAuth 2.0 Tested and Ready (Although CUWebAuth 2.0 has been tested on Sanmita's hosting environment, each customer is required to get CIT approval on using CUWebAuth on their sites/applications hosted outside CIT)
  • -Guaranteed uptime of 99.9%
  • -Built in disaster recovery
  • -Mirrored Data Centers

Q. How much does it cost?

A. This service is free to Cornell University faculty, student, alumni and staff for first year (until June 30, 2010) after that this service costs $99 per year. You can cancel this service anytime during the first year with no obligation.

Q. What other options do I have other than Sanmita service?

A. Cornell Information Technologies (CIT) has listed possible options here:


Q. Why should I choose Sanmita service instead of options like Google sites, Facebook, MySpace, Confluence & Vivo?

A.Here is a brief comparison

Service comparison

Q. Is this a Cornell sponsored service?

A. No, this is not a Cornell sponsored service. Although we have tested our systems with many components used by Cornell IT environment.

Q. How can I redirect my current pages located at http://www.people.cornell.edu/pages/netid/ to Sanmita location?

A. Please check the following page by CIT:


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