Happy New Years 2002

Paul Catherine and Ezra 2002

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Below are a couple of pictures of the cottage that didn't make it into to the New Years Card.



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December 27, 2002


We had a big snow here this week turning Ithaca into a bright, white, and quiet place. We�ve enjoyed playing in the snow and crosscountry skiing down our street.

Ezra is now seven-years-old and in second grade. He is still an avid builder of all kinds of things but this year has become enchanted with several book series including the Dinotopia books. We have been in Ithaca for nearly two years but he has not forgotten friends in Davis and talks about them often. He and Paul were able to visit Muir Commons this past summer.

The economy is slow here with local layoffs and more anticipated - we are both grateful to have our jobs. Catherine is still working for the Sciencenter. Paul is still with the Engineering Dean�s office at Cornell.

The big news in our lives this year was the purchase of five acres of land on a small lake located 20 miles away in Richford. The lake used to be a farmer�s pond and compared to nearby Cayuga Lake it is warm and shallow. We now have a small cottage complete with a composting toilet, a dock, and a front deck (no running water, electricity, or heat). We aren�t intending to move there but have gotten out there at least once a week this past Summer and Fall. We are looking forward to doing more enjoying and less working this coming year. It is a beautiful place that we hope to enjoy for many years to come.

If you want to visit, just let us know - we have lots of extra space.
Hoping this finds you happy and well,

Catherine McCarthy Paul & Ezra Davis
308 Dey Street, Ithaca, NY 14850
607-273-0030 cam59_@_cornell.edu