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  CU People

CU People was decommissioned on June 30, 2009. Details about the decommission are available at

The CU People web address forwarding service that was provided for one year from the date of the decommission (until June 30, 2010) is no longer available. If you’ve visited this link previously, you would have seen a message that the forwarding service was temporary, with a request to update your bookmarks to the new location. See an example of the notification.

Tips for finding the page you are looking for:

  • It’s possible the page you are looking for is listed with the person’s contact information at Cornell’s People Search page. To check, go to Cornell's People Search page and search using either of the following:
    • The person's name
    • The person's NetID (the numbers and letters that are listed after the word pages in the CU People web address:
  • You can also search for the person’s web site at a search engine like Look for any match that doesn’t have in the web address.