Academic Work on Tipping


Selected Articles/Papers I've Written              



Selected Media Coverage of My Tipping Research

The Tipping Divide (by Juan Williams, NPR Morning Edition, July 11, 2003)

Advanced Tipology: The Logic and History of Tipping (by Annelena Lobb, CNN Money, Oct. 8, 2001)

Researcher in Consumer Behavior Looks at Attitudes of Gratitude that Affect Gratuities (by Franklin Crawford, in Cornell Chronicle, Aug. 17, 2000)



Links to Interesting Websites Related to Tipping

Mega Tips: Scientifically Tested Ways to Increase Your Tips  - a free booklet on how to earn larger tips written by Dr. Michael Lynn

Secrets to Bigger Tips - an anecdotal but informative and fun to read e-book --  worth the $20 price.

 Secrets of the Superstar Server - an e-book on ways to increase tips that emphasizes maintaining the right attitude, taking charge of the service encounter, and building your own base of loyal customers. This is a worthwhile book that offers a unique and useful approach to waiting tables -- worth the $25 price if you are serious about becoming a better server and willing to work at it.




The Original Tipping Page - has an interesting Discussion Board

Tip20! - a website with info for everyone in the restaurant industry - bartenders, cooks, customers, managers, and servers

Celebrity Tipping - info about the tipping habits of Celebs

International Tipping Norms - a table of info about tipping of waiters, porters and taxi drivers in approximately 70 different countries

Ofer Azar's web site - contains interesting papers on tipping from an economist's perspective

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