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    Published Papers        

Consumer Racial Discrimination in Tipping: A Replication and Extension

    in (2008) Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 38 (4), 1045-1060.

Personality Effects on Tipping Attitudes, Self-Reported Behaviors and Customs

        in (2008) Personality and Individual Differences, 44, 989-999.

The Effect of Server Posture on the Tips of Whites and Blacks

         in (2007) Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 7(2), 201-209.

Race Differences in Restaurant Tipping: A Literature Review and Discussion of Practical Implications.

            in (2006) Journal of Foodservice Business Research, 9 (4), 99-113

Tipping in Restaurants and Across the Globe: An Interdisciplinary Review

            in (2006)  Morris Altman (Ed.) Handbook of Contemporary Behavioral Economics: Foundations and Developments, M.E. Sharpe Publishers, pp. 626-643.

Increasing Servers' Tips: What Managers Can Do and Why They Should Do It.

        in (2005)  Journal of Foodservice Business Research, 8 (4), 89-98.

 National Values and Tipping Customs...  

               in (2004) Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, 28, 356-364.

The Norm of Restaurant Tipping

                    in (2003) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 52, 297-321.

     Tip Levels and Service: An Update and Reconciliation

                    in (2003) Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 42, 139-148.

        Its Simpler than it Seems: An Alternative Explanation for the Magnitude Effect ion Tipping.

                    in (2003) International Journal of Hospitality Management, 22, 443-447.


    In-Press Papers

Tipping and Its Alternatives: Business Considerations and Directions for Research

        (in press at Journal of Services Marketing)

The Determinants and Consequences of Female Physical Attractiveness: Realistic Tests with Restaurant Waitresses

        (in press at Archives of Sexual Behavior)


Unpublished/Working Papers

The Effect of Tipping and Other Ways of Compensating Employees on Perceived Restaurant Expensiveness

 Beyond Gratitude and Gratuity: A Meta-Analysis of the Tipping Literature  /

        (Tables in separate document)


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